Caffey Distributing Company distributes alcohol products to over 2,600 retail accounts in 11 counties in the Triad area. We recognize that most people use alcohol responsibly, but we always stress the importance of responsible consumption. We have appointed a staff member at each of our distribution facilities to administer responsibility initiatives within the related communities. We talk to everyone from students to servers about responsible drinking, and, of course, offer in-house programs for our employees. We are always looking for opportunities to grow and expand the reach of our alcohol responsibility programs. We are committed to the safety of our consumers and those around them, and we work collaboratively with several organizations year round to meet that charge.

We will continue our efforts, along with our suppliers, into the future to help our communities become better educated on alcohol usage and the importance of drinking responsibly and within the law.

Responsible Drinking Websites

Alcoholic Beverage Medical Research
Brewers Association of Canada
Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Training for Intervention Procedures