Space Planning

Getting the most from every inch of shelf space

Many retailers wish there was a better way to maximize their space into its most efficient and appealing configuration. At Caffey Distributing, we understand that there is only so much room on each shelf and that every store is different. Our courtesy space planning begins with a comprehensive space analysis before recommending a plan that is beneficial for your store and consumers. Then our team fully resets the shelf space including stocking and moving signage. This is a complimentary full-service experience.

Our goal is to grow retailer sales and profitability through improved use of their space and Improved product mix to match the customer profile.

The one thing that no retailer can change is the amount of space available in their establishment.

The Process

1 Survey the establishment

A full analysis of the store’s space usage with measurements, noting physical characteristics and calculating how much ‘merchandisable’ space is available per shelf, door, suction cup, etc. This includes pictures.

2 Design

We recreate the store’s existing layout in our design software. After analyzing data, we develop a plan and propose a new layout. We then create a new planogram using all data.

3 Present to Retailer

We walk the retailer through the proposed layout and explain the new flow, number of new items, the velocity of packages, etc. Changes to the plan are discussed at this stage.

4 Install or ‘reset’ the new planogram

Once the plan is approved, our certified technicians go to the store’s location to put the plan in place, including stocking and moving signage.

Specialized Training